Just Be Cool: Main Character Exploration

Some concepts and game mechanic exploration for the main character of Just Be Cool. Close to a hundred years following a catastrophic event called "The Big Bang" in the late 80's, Joey escapes from his culty cave-dwelling city of birth and breaches the surface. He soon figures out that the world above is no place for a lone wanderer, and uses his engineering skills to build a mechanical backpack from junkyard scraps to help escape from deadly predators and provide some company on his journey. It is then that Tomo (short for "Tomodachi") is born, the last of a series of Japanese portable TV's and Joey's new best friend. Tomo's compressed air tanks are connected to ports in the palms of his hands, granting Joey enhanced mobility and some powerful attack moves that cater to his run-and-gun fighting style.

Joey Redesign Speed Painting